Whether the weather is against us or not..

Yup, stranded again, well not really stranded but kind of.. We’re sitting in Puerto Mogan, a harbor, tourist attraction, flower garden and starting point of Atlantic-rowers.

Apparently after a month of not working our directions finder jumped into life again after having pointed out where we’ve been. hmrrpfJust look at the picture to the right, that’s the weather-forecast for our part of ocean in a couple of days time. Fun? Not really but we’ll have to stay a couple of days longer being a part of the backdrop for selfies and group-pictures taken by vacationists.

Right now I’m parked at a table in a local Irish tavern drinking Guinness and thinking about what the ocean might hold. I’m over my scare of icebergs for now, if an iceberg would be close it would melt quite quick right now and I’d probably feel the chill in the air before hitting it. It’s going to be a long haul this one but we’re ready, Trusty is ready and we food enough for the trip so we’ll be fine.

So to explain, sure we could sail tomorrow and probably just have an uncomfortable sail the coming week but what’s the point in that? Why bother if we can wait until Saturday and bypass the problem. We’ll keep you updated on our departure.