Monthly Archives: June 2014

A thousand things..

.. to do before we can leave Norway, or at least that is how one is feeling right now. Got to work the last weeks before moving down to Stenungsund and then a couple of hectic weeks before moving into Trusty with all that comes with that.

hardtopA couple of weeks ago we lifted the doghouse to get it reinforced and better fitted and did some plumbing work. While I’m not personally with Trusty right now my dad (the owner) is doing things all the time. I’m just doing boring stuff like shopping sat-phones, electronic charts, vacuum-packers and such and it feels weird knowing that in less than two months we’re heading for Scotland.

In the coming weeks we’ll be packing up our home in Jessheim and becoming nomads for a whole year, witch is wonderful but in a way scary as shit. Luckily I’ve done the trip before but not as the skipper of Trusty, quite mixed feelings but still I’m confident that we are ready for what this year have to offer.

The updates will be more frequent as we move down and start doing some real work, not just feeding hungry norwegians.