Monthly Archives: July 2015


Giving you a small teaser while we clean and wash and learn how to edit moving pictures. We’ve a bit tired after landing in Sweden and have to mentally build up some energy to sum up the Trip.

Here are some pictures for you all to look at while we get our stuff together.

We’re in Sweden!!

After a rough, sail the last 48 hours with a gale trying to get our mood down we’re now safe in Stenungsund. We’ll give you a big update with pictures and how the last trip from the Azores to Sweden turned out. Tomorrow we’ll sleep in and relax.


We’re spending a night in Falmouth, just to stock up on diesel, water and such. All ok and you’ll get a big post with all that’s happened when we get to Sweden. We’re planning on being there sometime around the 26th..

Catch you all!

Slow boat to Sweden

We’re quite slow but we’re having a good time out here on the big ocean. Yesterday we did an avrage of 2 knots and that would put us in Sweden late october but the wind is picking up a bit.

Catch you later!

Leaving Port

Now we’re leaving Horta for Sweden. Let’s hope that our weather will be good. We’ll try and keep in touch on the blog as much as we have the energy too.

Next stop Sweden!