Here we go!

One of the routes we might take. Let's see how we'll manage.

One of the routes we might take. Let’s see how we’ll manage.

You ready?
I hope you are because we kind of don’t feel like we are. Well of course we are ready to sail out of the harbor and set sail for warmer waters but one are never really ready for it. Yesterday I sat down and tried to figure out what we had forgotten, nothing obvious came to my mind so I started to worry, what if something really important needed to be done. Well, nothing really come up so I started to go over my mental checklists.
Windwane: Everything moves smoothly, moved the lines a bit so we got new friction points.
Water: 112 L in bottles, 190 L in the tanks and a bit more.
Food: The whole boat is stacked with tincans and dry stuff. Even got our secret candystorage filled up.
Diesel: Getting filled right before we leave port.
Rigging: Checked it over in Porto Santo, sent Ida up the mast to check for any visible problems
Power: Fixed the towingline for our generator, greased up or pivot for the solarpanel. I want a pocket nuclear-reactor, can someone invent that for me please. Preferable cold fusion or something.
Kindle books: Bought a couple of new ones and stole some more of the worldwideweb so I’ve got enough words to keep me going a year or so.
Icebergs: Checked with NOAA and they’re acting normal up there in their territory.
Music: Check!
Shower: Took my last proper one for a couple of months…. When I get over the ocean I’m allowed to shave again. I’m going to be honing my straight razor like crazy during the crossing.

So I guess we are ready for this then. What will happen with the blog, you might ask. Easy, we’ll email it with our position and how everything is going. Maybe some fun facts or remarks about things that happen during the crossing. The weather looks quite fine and we’re ready to go.

Meet you on the ocean!