The hunt for Nessie begins.

After the first day on the canal we are now mored on the Loch Dochfour side of the Dochgarroch, close to Loch Ness. Tomorrow we’re going Nessie hunting, well we’re going to do all in our power to catch the monster. If anyone has any suggestions on bait feel free to tell us, preferably before 8:30 uk time so we can read your suggestions.

The canal is so far all we expected, lush green bushes and trees, mountains as a backdrop (probably even more on the next part as we get closer to the Scottish highlands) and a mix of proper british boats in various states of decay moored by the canal bank. So far we haven’t been traveling in any actual rivers until tomorrow when we’re going to cruise the River Ness for about 4 minutes before entering the nest loch. If any one of you readers know how to actually pronounce the names feel free to give us the phonetic versions. Here comes a few…
Clachnaharry, Tomnahurich, Dochgarroch, Kytra, Cullochy, Laggan, Loch Oich, Muirshearlich, Gairlochy, Corpach, Benavie, Dumnadrochit and Loy and Moy.

I  read in the brochure that one should not ruin ones vacation by contacting the press if one finds Nessie, but I’ll promise to update here with a picture..

Complimentary picture of the day, the fish-eye view from our go pro sitting at the back of the cockpit.

Heading to the next lock on the canal.

Heading to the next lock on the canal.

One thought on “The hunt for Nessie begins.

  1. Gary weeks

    Hey guys, sounds like it’s going well. Loving the blog, hilarious. Good luck. Where will you be further down south? Wales? Ireland? Devon? Cornwall?
    Enjoy x

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