Yeah we’re steaming.. you should be steaming too, we’re steaming, jah comes and we steam on.. woooihjooohooo!!!

We have our diesel running, our reggae on and the sun is shining, water is blue and the wind is erhm not blowing. I no longer believe in the trade-winds, they’re a lie. Probably invented by the new world order to make us believe in the early trades when we didn’t have any engines. Probably alien technology that drove the slave ships from Africa to the colonies and sugar and cotton back to us.

To be serious tough if we had more money and could stay out for two years we would have waited until January to cross, the trade-winds (if they actually exist) are stronger then but we want to celebrate new-years eve on a beach and not in a marina next to Uffes krog and the Irish Tavern (not that the Irish Tavern was that bad, the Guinness was ok). But we don’t have unlimited finances (maybe if I win that lottery) and we actually want to spend more time in the Caribbean than on the Canary Islands. If we’re going to fit The Carnival in Trinidad, The Baths in the BVI and Bermuda before we head back to reality we are going to need all the time we can get over on the west side of the pond.

Now we’re under 500 NM and we hope that our diesel tanks will be big enough to bring us all the way there. Worst case scenario we can use our dingy engine 🙂 or just tow Trusty with our little rubber boat, that would be fun.Well we’ll see what the future holds.