Slow sailing..

It’s slow right now. We have winds around 5 m/s from north east witch means we can sail toward Trinidad doing about 4 knots or we can try and reach for Martinique hoping to sail at least above 3. I’m being a bit careful right now, we could hoist all our sails and swosh away but since I can’t really rely on furling the genua I don’t want to use it because of the squalls passing every now and then. Same with our main, I don’t want to set it unreefed because it’s a hassle getting it down if a squall hits can easily become a popular youtube clipp called something in the lines of “Hahaha that idiot breaks his mast and then falls over the railing” and I don’t see a point of becoming a youtubeceleb.. So safety first right.. Well we have quite a lot of main up as it is and as the waves rock us it pump the little wind there is out of it in a loud BANG! We have lines to prevent the boom from moving but it doesn’t really matter when the sail throws it self in the wrong direction.

BANG, but it’s not all bad, today we’re 620 miles out from Martinique, it’s Lucia and we’re going to celebrate with Pepparkakor, glögg (sangria with raisins in) and BANG.. sorry, another cupcake since it’s now week number three!
My plan right now BANG! is to sail until we have something like BANG 400 NM left and then start up our trusted iron sail. The one that BANG! drinks diesel and spits out power and pollution. Yup, I’m going to motor-sail the last bit toward paradise, quite fitting as we started our trip with a lot of motor-sailing.

At least then I won’t have a power problem.
Good day to you sir and if I don’t catch you, good afternoon, good evening and good night!