We’re getting there!

Now the game begins, we have wind pushing us in the right direction, we have enough diesel to take us to Horta and we have only about 200 NM left!
Yesterday we had dolphins playing around Trusty all day (almost) and made good mileage so overall it was not the worst day on this crossing. Now we have the waves from behind and it’s a rocky ride. Not that fun but hey at least we’re getting somewhere!

Time to start sharpening the razor, digging out my land clothes and get ready to become human again. When we reach Horta we’re going to meet up some of the boats we’ve talked to over the radio and that’ll be fun. After that, it’s Trusty fixing time and we’ll fix all that didn’t work during our crossing.

A catamaran we’ve been keeping in touch with actually bought 30L of diesel from another yacht yesterday, I don’t want to ask what they paid for it.

N 37 56
W 033 10