Horta!!! Horta!!!!!!!!!

I’ve heard that there is a relative between one’s sanity and the number of exclamation marks that end a sentence. I can surely see that point as we’re tied up in the marina at a small pontoon after a good last day. Dropping under a hundred yesterday made me realize that most sane people don’t do this. Why anyone would put themselves in a small boat and bobb across a big ocean risking storms, collisions, freak waves and/or icebergs, not to mention the risk of being stranded without fresh-water miles from civilization is beyond comprehension. Sure this is not the first time I’ve done that and it will probably not be the last time (hell, we even have one more long one before getting home), some people would claim I’m not sane any way but that’s up to them. I honestly don’t know why, sure I want to travel and see places and sailing is a good way of getting there. Seeing land after over three weeks of ocean kind of messes with your mind. First of all, how the hell did they find these small islands, it’s not like the Canaries where you almost can see them from Africa on a good day or the Caribbean. We’re talking about a couple of small volcano remnants about 800 miles from anything. Second, why did they start living there?

Sure, the Wikipedia page might tell me the truth but one start to realize that most of these places were found and settled by lunatics. Crazy people doing crazy stuff. Damn, now I’m going to find me that shower, become a new man and grab me a beer.