We’ll as we were packing up Bequia for this trip (doing weather research and preparing checkout) we had a bit of a problem. We’ve been having a little stink problem that we guessed was related to the toilet plumbing (the piping and things like that) but as it turned out that it was related to the pump. A pump that is leaking poopwater out into the boat.

Sure people have sailed the world using a bucket as a toilet but that’s not the trip we’re doing. They can do that but we’re not doing a night sail without our toilet. Going to let you in on a secret, the toilet is the only place one can get some peace and quiet when out sailing, when sleeping you can be waked up by people if something happens but if someone see that the door for the toilet is closet they’re not going to pester you if it’s not that important.

So now we’re staying put until we can use the toilet without cleaning the bilge and losing our dinners.