April fools!

Today we’re supposed to fool you but realized that by the time we would be in town and able to make a prank most of the day where our readers are would be over so why bother!! But I’ll give you the prank anyway! We were supposed to tell you that we’ve given up on sailing and that we were taking the plane home! Fun? Right? We’d give you a good story and a plausible explanation but hey who cares 🙂

We’re waiting on winds again but now we’re waiting for winds that are more or less perfect but if there is an easter regatta in the bay this weekend and the winds look just a little better on Sunday why rush?

Still some good islands left in the chain and we’ll have time to look at them while heading north. But a plan has started to form in our heads, a good plan, a plan to stay out.. But before that plan can be true we need to go home.