Leaving Coruña..

I’m almost done with the AIS post for dummies and will post it soon but I need some examples to go with it so now we’re heading back out to sea again. Our plan is to hop down the Galician coast and maybe do a bit of sunbathing, snorkeling and other fun things you can do on a yacht at anchor. The direction finder will surely work because of a low-pressure that sits nicely between the Azores and Madeira giving us nice sweet southerly winds, perfect when you’re heading… you guessed it, south..

Hopefully the arrow will draw it’s direction towards the east or the west or if I can get my wish fulfilled, north, enabling the crossing out to Porto Santo to become a breeze (hehe pun intended). Until then we’ll stroll down the Iberian Atlantic coast dropping our anchor where we can find shelter from the waves and wind.

To sum up Coruña for you, it was wonderful. Coming from the cold, uncivilized, rainy British Isles  down to a town that’s alive with people, restaurants serving something other then Fish & Chips, affordable wine, beer, food and well not diesel but well anything else. In MarinaCoruña, the marina where we’ve been staying they have a program for handicapped people enabling them to sail small dingies, kayaking or just staying out on the sea in the sun. They have a great time and it’s nice to see the effort the people working with them put in (I guess getting payed to have fun in the sun on the sea is not a bad thing) 5 days a week.
The city it self is a mix between small alleys full of small restaurants, shops and pubs and big 50-80s concrete monsters but it works. If you stroll in the town at 22:30 on a Tuesday the town is full of life and people eating and talking, the way a city should be.
Honest to say since this was the first place I could take of my raincoat, put on my shorts and get some sun on my feet my judgment might be clouded but hey, I don’t care.. It was nice, but now we all want to see more.

We’re excited to see more what this part of the world has to offer, may it be small coves with clear but coldish water, lovely beaches with white or black sand, fish caught from our dingy or just nothing more than what we had in Coruña so be it then..  We’ll have a nice time finding out, unless the icebergs creep up on us. I know I should be safe now and the dreams haven’t brought them up lately but they might just be sneaky, I won’t feel safe until I’m sitting in a chair at Happy Hour Island Bar and have a reef between me and the Atlantic and a Rhumpunch in my hand. Then only will I be able to relax…
(Pictures of Coruña will come when I connect our cameras and open up photoshop to give them a good size.)