In the middle of the ocean..

.. no one can hear your boat rocking..
Sorry to tell you all in this way, it should have been better prepared with champange and a youtube clip about us leaving the safety of the european continent setting out for a loooooong time on different islands.
But one can’t always plan, well we had it planned we just forgot to tell the blog about it. All of a sudden the winds were right and we just set out.

Writting this I’m standing watch waiting for a gribfile to drop in to my inbox with the latest weather. Last time i looked in Porto it looked great but that was early tuesday morning and who knows what the weathergods bring us now.
You’ll get a nice post about porto and what we did there and how nice portwine taste if it’s aged and much more but you’re going to have to wait until we reach the safety of Porto Santo before that. It’s kind of hard writing a blogpost while bracing yourself agains the boats motions as well as keeping my laptop from falling of the table.. 🙂

Well only 360 nautical miles left until we can shower again!!

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