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Wow, after a hectic weekend containing a 12 hour workday, a goodbye party, driving a couple of hundred k’s, reversing round tight corners with a hanger, cleaning for hours and carrying all the shit we had in our home.. Damn, you only notice how much crap you own when you move.

BalkongWell we’re not unpacked yet but we are atleast in Sweden now and can start working on Trusty soon. The view from the balcony is quite ok, soon we might tie up Trusty at the dock for a night or two but that is miles away right now with all the things that we need to do before even going that short of a distance. Expect more updates now as we start moving in a higher pace towards the ocean.

Unvieling the lady!

Made a weekend trip down to Stenugnsund to dismantle the boathouse. jessheim/stenugnsund
It had survived yet another winter but it’s going to need a bit of new lines to hold down the tarps as they were quite worn this time.
We had stunning weather and were having a hard time not drooling over the boats passing by outside the boatyard.

Did some preparations for the launching and tried out how our new mattresses fitted before they were covered in fabric. All in all it’s a great feeling as the days to our journeys start close in faster and faster.

The first part out through Skagerack is going to be interesting, it’s almost a sure thing that we’ll have to make landfall and wait for proper weather somewhere during the first crossing, we’re just having to make a guess as to where it might be. I’ll put a couple of $EC on the southern tip of Norway but one never knows.

Ending this update of a picture of Trusty almost stripped from her winter fur. 🙂