… we were sailing or rather motoring a bit. After getting our doghouse bolted back, with new windows and a bit sturdier then before, we did a bit of work on our mast before taking Trusty out for a 5 minute stroll outside our marina. It felt great having her move like a boat after spending a couple of days just working with plexi-glass and wood in a garage.

As soon as one thing gets checked of our list two other things appear but the list is actually getting shorter. Right now I’m just waiting for out satphone to arrive so we can give the number to relatives and friends. Yesterday evening I configured the program we’re going to use for email and stuff and now i want to try it over the satphone. 🙂

Today’s rigging day and hopefully later you’ll see pictures of that process if the sun don’t burn us too much and typing is too painfull.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my moring view as I drink my tea and write this entry.

Swedish summer...

Swedish summer…

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