Slowly getting somewhere…

Ok, todays post was going to be massive one about all the mileage we’ve done and how the trade-winds just keep pushing us toward the white sand, palm trees, rum, calypso, soca, reggae, Carib and fresh fruits. Yup, yesterday was a great day, the way trade-wind sailing were supposed to be. 5-6 knots with the wind in our back, sun between small puffy clouds and we even sat down with a beer each enjoying the good feeling.

The day turned into night and we still did ok, I was getting my hopes up, we could be there in 24 days total maybe, my mind was telling me. Then came dawn and with it a couple of rainclouds, the rain battered the wind away and for a while we just drifted around again. Are we going to have to make a sacrifice again?
Let’s hope that Kraken or what ever restless soul underneath us is satisfied by the two small Flying-fishes that came to rest on our deck during the night. After returning them to the sea the wind kind of is picking up again, let’s hope it stays this time.

Well we’re still alive and Trusty is doing a fine job getting us there. Still no Icebergs and well nothing much to see at all actually, only a Japanese fishing vessel out here fishing at a dept of a couple of thousand meters.
Until I post again, live slow, sail fast!! Or as we say on Trusty right now, sail slow, no power for your mp3player 😉