Slow days slow updates..

What are we doing? Why aren’t we moving?

Here we go.. We’ve stocked up on food, candy and toilet paper and right now we’re playing the waiting game. Sure we could leave St Martin today and sail north but that would cause us to use our engine quite a bit as the winds mid Atlantic are quite unstable right now.
We intentionally missed the last weather window but in hindsight that was a good thing, that would have placed us in the storm that caused 9 people to be rescued mid ocean and a six year old girl died.

What are we doing then? Well most of the time we try not to spend money ashore and do some maintenance on Trusty, a nice oxymoron that turned out to be. Well the toilet problemĀ is solved two times over now. First we bought an electric pump with a blender to make sure nothing got stuck and that one worked like a charm, at least for a week until the electrical system realized that what we had done. Now it’s working again with a brand new cable and a nice new fuse. Good thing we had that problem here in the lagoon where there are some of the best stocked chandleries in the Caribbean. More than that we have fixed a bit here and there and taped a bit on our Genua.