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So we’re still hanging and chilling on sunny Porto Santo! After just calming down after our hard sail from Porto (yup super exhausting) we decided to rent two scooters and check out the island..

My drivers license don’t allow me to drive anything funnier than a car or a moped but here I could without any trouble rent a 125cc scooter and drive away in my swim-trunks and flippy-floppies.. I though out nice things to put on my Darwin-award application when zooming down the roads doing 75km/h. I have to be honest, it was hell of a fun and I wanted to extend the rental time for a year and do no more then drive the twisting mountain-roads in the sun listening to “born to be wild”. Martina sitting behind me on the scooter was not as thrilled about my new found love and we returned my precious the next day. We had time to do some shopping and go snorkeling on the south west end of the island.

Underwater selfie...

Underwater selfie…

Martina scaring the camera...

Martina scaring the camera…

Skipper's fins are as long as him (almost)..

Skipper’s fins are as long as him (almost)..

Ida 3 meters below the surface..

Ida 3 meters below the surface..

After spending a couple of hours playing in the surf and waves we drove the mountain road around the island enjoying the scenery.
Porto Santo is not as lush as its bigger sister Madeira, the greenest place is the golf-course witch can bee seen from the sky (or from Pico de Castello).

After returning our scooters we decided on taking a hike up on Pico de Castello, to look at the garden on the top of the mountain and look at the view from the top.

It's a bit up from the sea up to the summit..

It’s a bit up from the sea up to the summit..

But when you're up there it's worth the hike...

But when you’re up there it’s worth the hike…

Trusty's crew at the top of Pico de Castello

Trusty’s crew at the top of Pico de Castello

Walking up to the pico we got an entourage of dogs following us a bit of the way protecting us from other dogs and the dangerous lizards that have invaded Porto Santo.

Our possy, badass dogs..

Our possy, badass dogs..

Porto Santos true inhabitants..

Porto Santos true inhabitants..

There is a long tradition by yachtees to paint on piers on the Atlantic-islands as Horta (on Faial), Las Palmas (on Gran Canary) and on Porto Santo as well. What the difference between graffiti and this is people can spend hours discussing but hey you paint your boats name and your name and what year you where there. Last time Trusty stayed in the marina we painted the wall and today we started painting again. Tomorrow we’ll finish the painting and we’ll show it to you before we leave for the Canary islands.

Our old painting. The new one is till in the making..

Our old painting. The new one is till in the making..

When we leave Porto Santo we’ll sait sail for Graciosa (slightly north of Lanzarote) and I don’t know when we’ll have a stable Internet connection again. We can update with our location and how we’re doing using our satphone but we can’t upload any pictures and stuff like that. I promise that we’ll try and find places where we can give you some pictures and longer updates.

I’ve finished some projects on our to-do list and we’ll give you a post about that tomorrow. After we’ve updated our weather tomorrow we’ll decide on when to sail for the canaries or what to do. The good thing about being where we are right now is that we don’t have to rush anything anymore. We’re leaving for the Caribbean in mid November and before that we don’t actually have to be in the canaries, we actually don’t even have to be there (tough it’s helluva lot easer to shop for the crossing on in Las Palmas compared to here) to cross the Atlantic. We can start our crossing from here if we have to and that makes us more relaxed than we’ve been before on our trip. Now we’re out on the islands and now we’re just taking our sweet time doing what ever we want!!