One Week!

Captain’s log, earth date 201505281254LT, as we were chasing the favourable winds heading towards our destination we actually catch a strange wind enabling us to head straight for the Azores.

We have ok winds, not saying anything else, don’t want to jinx any more. Have anyone seen Das Boot? There is a scene where they are trying to go through the strait of Gibraltar, cannons, flares and craziness all over the place. Just like that it felt last night as we were passing between a couple of thunderstorms while being hit by a rainy squall. Started humming the lead-tune from the film as I hunkered down behind our doghouse.

Other than that it’s been slow, doing only 2 knots with no wind and too much waves knocking the wind out of our sails. Did a bit of maintenance on the reef-line for our genoa yesterday and humming old shanties as we sat there like some old scruffy salty dogs. No rhum ration for this crew today but we’ve put some sodas in the fridge for later.

So far the ocean is giving me a better treatment than it did last time I was out close in these waters, not going to write about that today but I might do a comparison between this and 12 years ago when we get to the Azores and can send longer updates.
Anyways, times up and I have to send this out before it’s my turn to go up and look at the horizon.

N 25 13.36
W 058 00.03