One Week!!!

I thought of making a good post today but then I woke up this morning with no wind and felt not that motivated at all. We’ll since I had something in mind I can try and see how it turns out. This is our week with some inspiration of Bare Naked Ladies – One Week..

It’s been One week since we left Mogan, set our sails up and sailed into the sunset. Six days since the awful night when we drifted around puking our guts out. Four days since that big cruise-ship, made us feel like a small rubber ducky. Two days since we sprung a leak, nothing bad but I destroyed half our candy.
Yesterday we all felt quite low and it’s still two weeks ’til we even get close… Two weeks until we even get close…

Ok so now for the explaining. After being a quite dry little ship Trusty all of a sudden wanted to start leaking again. I say again because she used to, at least until this winter. Now we’ve been sailing her with no water inside for quite a while (since July 20 to be more exact) and all of a sudden we had water in our bilges. Of course the bag that contained one of our secret candy stashes where in one of the watery compartments… Well we just pumped it all out and now we have to pump a little water out of our home every day. Like it used to be when boats were boats and men were men, I mean the good old days.

We’ll now it’s time to look outside and check for any close boats. By the way, we were passed by a big catamaran called 1 + 1 witch is a quite funny name for a boat with two hulls (19 m long 9 m wide in total that thing must have been huge). It swooshed past us doing 10-11 knots and they’ll be in the Caribbean in two weeks tops.. Bugger… We’ll at least I was the only one that didn’t puke, Martina want it to be stated to the record that it was the first tie EVER she was seasick.