More than you! Again..

Every day I sweat, come out to sweat, wetter sweating more than you!
All of a sudden we think of one of the lines from Like a boss (look back in February and you’ll understand) out here on the big blue sea!
We’re having a great sail north but there is one problem, the sun… Sure you think that a bit of sun would just be great but when you’re on a boat in the middle of the ocean there are not that much shade. Sure we’ve done what we can to give us some shade but as the sun pass from horizon to horizon even the shadiest place of the cockpit get a fair share of rays. Inside Trusty it’s not much better, the ventilation is not that good and the hatches we can open get spayed every now and then thus making it a bad idea.

It’s now day four on our crossing and we still feel ok with it, the gps tells us there are less than 2000 NM on the big circle to Horta, to bad we’re not following that circle so we probably got about 2200 left before seeing Faial.
Most of our sailing so far has been with one reef in our main and our jib fully out. The Genoa is a bit too much sail for comfort and something in-between would have been a good solution but this works great.

Yesterday evening we had some bad news but we continue on heading northish.

Tomorrow is towel day and then we all have to bring our towels to remember an author who didn’t like to write, Douglas Adams. I myself are going to spend this crossing with a good phrase in my mind.

Don’t panic!
Well that’s all for now, we’ll be back in a couple of days.

N 22 50.70
W 062 02.33