No not Manowar man of war, a Portuguese one, no long hair and guitars on overdrive. We’re talking a sailing jellyfish. For the last couple of hours we’ve been sailing amongst them as we stomp our way north east.

When I woke up this morning I was as happy as one can be out on the Atlantic, my bed was dry and I was snuggled into a blanket and it felt warm and cosy. Honestly, I’m finding it hard to remember when that happened during the last couple of months. We’re heading for the cold. As long as it doesn’t get to cold it’s going to be ok, much easier getting dressed for cold than for warmth. When you’re almost naked and can’t find any shade, how do you dress for that? Well now at night I get to put on my pants and a nice warm shirt, aah lovely.

A small school of small whales visited us today and swam next to us for a bit, got a bit of video of that. Going to upload that when we’re able to get a good internet connection.

Catch you later when we get closer. Now it’s below 1400 NM left to Horta!

N 30 08.89
W 054 18.10