Leg one, Stenungsund to Inverness

Leg one!

Leg one!

Here we go, hopefully we’ll be there before the weekend. The weather look good and now it’s just filling her up with diesel and water before sailing of into the first sunset.
How often we can update we’ll see but we’ll try as often as possible. The first days will be a big game of Tetris and I’ll download the theme music to play when we try to find a spot for everything

Look us up at marinetraffic (link in our locate us page ) and feel free to e-mail us. We’ll grab our e-mails once a day at least (might as well when we grab our grib-mails) just to make sure everything works now in the beginning. As sunny as it is right now I don’t have to worry about the icebergs that have haunted my dreams the last two weeks 🙂 but hey, they show up on radar don’t they?????

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