Ok not precisely but close. 1028 NM left or something like that.

Much have happened since last time, we’ve started sailing for real again. I could write miles about doing 6-7 knots underneath the stars in the moonlight, the ocean swirling past in a blur but I’m not that poetic so I’ll just tell you it’s great.
We have a problem tough… Seaweed, orange, looks like small bushes and floats around the surface all over the place. In the Sargasso sea (close to Bermuda I think) it’s usual but out here 1000 nautical miles away from land it feels kind of strange. Our problem is that we catch it, on our windsteer paddle and especially on the little propeller (can it be called a propeller even if it doesn’t really propel anything? hmm it propels the line that drives the generator maybe) at the end of the line from our generator. All of a sudden we stop charging even if we’re doing about 6 knots witch is strange. So we look back and the line is not turning anymore. Not that strange because at the end it’s a couple of kilos worth of seaweed completely covering the propeller. Fun.. Nope not if you have to drag up that line, untwist it and clean the mess and then drop it back in a couple of times a day.

Today as we were gybeing our genua furler got stuck and wouldn’t move at all. We tried everything we could figure out and since I’ve been up Trusty’s mast out on the Atlantic once before and probably still have some hidden bruises (12 years ago) on my arms we skipped that part and just secured the sail, hoisted our mainsail with a couple of reefs in it and called it a day. So now I don’t want any big wind changes.. Why? Because I’m not that thrilled of turning up against the wind and waves to reef right now, those things are as big as houses now. Not the small red with white details but rather the ones you find in rougher parts of town.

But hey! We’re doing fine, a little tired because of the wavepatterns but other than that just fine.
Our speed record so far on our GPS witch by the way is filtered quite hard (a must when you’re sailing out at sea with big waves) is now 8.8 knots at that point our generator line becomes airborne and flies in a cloud of spray, if the sun is in the right place it makes it own rainbow.

Rainbows, that is almost what I named this post when I started writing it in my mind at 2:35 local time (utc-2) staring into the moonlit scenery around Trusty. We kind of see them all the time. When we hit a wave surfing in the morning we get a rainbow next to us. When the rainclouds chase us in the afternoon, how do we know they’re rainclouds, rainbows..
It’s’ like we’re cruising in a bad My Little Pony video, sunsets, rainbows and ocean-spray. Sunsets by the way are spectacular in pink, gold and all the pastellish colors in the world, could almost be described as poetic as the moonlight. But hey, you have to get someone artsy out here to properly document it. Or… do the trip yourself and find out 😉

Until next time, Live long and prosper and may the force with you be..