Not as we planned!

We are in Grenada!
Just to prove that it’s always good to stay on your toes when you sail around. After a night motorsailing north against wind and waves we turned of our diesel and heard the sound of our propeller turning. With the gear lever in reverse we shoudn’t hear that. Deciding that it’s better to be safe than sorry we altered our course and aimed for Grenada instead.

Entering the anchorage a squall decided to give us some TLC while we were approaching a spot where we could drop our anchor and check what was up. With the wind pushing I came in with a bit more speed than usually and made the turn up towards the wind and put the engine in reverse. Nothing happens! Luckily we sorted it out and managed to drop our anchor in a different spot and now we have some work to do! Grenada is supposed to be nice and now we can stock up on Nutmeg here on Spice Island!