No i…

There’s no I in teamwork as they say. Right now there’s no I on my keyboard. Well it is there but won’t work. Damn salty air and such things.. Good thing the screen keyboard works so I can write Ii and copy and then use witch of the I’s I want to use.

So what’s up then?
We’re 140 NM out from Martinique and we have about 30 hours left of motoring at this speed, we have about 50 something liters of diesel (damn how many i’s are there in the English language?) left and that might be enough… We’ll measure tonight and see if we need to stop and drift for a while.

I’ve finally figured out why the trade winds don’t want to play ball, no human sacrifice (last time we gave the Atlantic half a finger) so no good wind. The upside of this is that none of us have been seriously wounded the downside is that my toes have finally healed (toes bad from kitchen work) so cutting of one of them is no longer an option… Bummer..
I mean what more could the ocean want? We’ve given Mr Ocean candy, Cava, half a cupcake, some beer, potato-crisps and lot of already half-digested food. I mean, come on, what more do you want?

The sun has been out for a couple of days and I’m starting to see a problem with our choice of destination, I’m actually not that fond of heat.. It’s 35 in the air and 28 in the water and Trusty is a boat shaped sauna right now and with the small amounts of wind we get won’t give any relief. But I guess no one gives us any pity and I don’t blame you (buhu buhu we have a heat problem while sailing towards the Caribbean). Winter is not coming but already upon most of our readers. Btw it’s six days left to X-mass!!

Well I do hope we’ll be there then. It would be nice, some ice-cream would be nice..