More than you!

Carnival in Trinidad have a way of getting in to your head, it’s the road march competition that really make sure your head gets filled with the Carnival spirit. The winner this year was Marcel Montano with the song “Like ah Boss” (not related to the other Like a Boss song) and he sure won it like ah boss, the runner up (Marcel himself) had 30 plays at the judges stand. 360 times the winning song was played. That was at the judges stand just imagine how many times it was played during the whole day in all the carnival bands. You kind of learn that song during the day…

Listen to this song a couple of hundred times and then let me ask you: Are you more than me?

Well carnival is over for this year and now we’re just waiting for better weather to go back north up the island chain. Of course our direction finder upĀ in the mast won’t let us go hassle free so now we have a 20-36 noreasterly right now. Got to love that. But it’s easing up after the weekend and we’ll give it a try then.