Jinxing it?!

Could one jinx the crossing while talking about too little wind? As of writing this it’s day two of motoring eastwards and it’s soon diesel checking time. After measuring, we can calculate how many more hours of fuel we’ve got left.
Our spirits are good and we are noticing that it’s not as warm as it was a couple of days ago so finally one don’t flow away just sitting here writing a blogpost.
It’s going to be nice actually getting to the Azores now but we have at least 1800 miles left. Would some nice northwesterly or southwesterly winds be enough to ask for, they don’t have to be strong, just enough to give us a 4-6 knot average speed.
If this continues we’re going to have to paddle the last 1000 nautical miles and that will be a bummer.

When the sun goes down the light shows starts out here in the middle of nowhere, we have the sea lighting up from bioluminescence, the sky lighting up from flashes of thunder on the horizon. Yesterday we got some rain and Trusty had a shower to rinse of some of the salt, I was hand-steering right then and stopped doing that and put our autopilot back on.

Btw, I got pictures to prove the weather situation, it can be calm on the big seas, where were this weather when we were stomping up and down in the Caribbean? Update in a day or two.

N 24 10.86
W 060 17.02