I’m going to get filthy rich!!

Yup, I am!
The odds of me buying a winning lottery ticket are not worse than me making a joke about getting a fly-fish trough one of the ceiling windows while we keep open to ventilate Trusty. Guess what! It happened. So now I’m buying a lotto ticket.. 🙂

The Atlantic ocean is big! It’s really big.. We’re feeling like we’re getting closer now we’re down to 920 something and we like to pretend so but then I looked at the legs we’ve done before. Sweden to Inverness 500 something, Cork to Coruña 500 something, Porto to Porto Santo 550 something, you get the picture. We’re further out from Martinique than we were when we started the other big legs. But now we’re feeling like we’re getting close. During a normal summer vacation one might think that heading from Stockholm to Gotland is a big trip or Gothenburg to lets say Copenhagen. Now find a map and measure up those distances. Yup, not even close to what we right now are looking at as nearly there.

But to compare today could have been a daysail between Gothenburg and Læsø, the ocean was blue and the wind was not much to be happy for but there are some differences. For example, less traffic, 26.5 in the water, I was wearing swimtrunks all day and finally we’re not getting Tuborg tonight, no red sausage either.. Just another night-watch and six hours of sleep (gently rolled by the waves (yeah right..)), back up for another 3 hours of empty ocean and six hours downtime during the day and repeat. For at least 8-10 more days..
But time is shrinking, today was not much different from 3 days ago when I had the same watch schedule, sure there were some differences, like a fish inside of Trusty, but none that really mattered. I finished reading Thief of Time today (by Terry Pratchett) and I think they’re stealing our used time, giving it to someone who needs it more. Read the book and you’ll understand.

Until next time, smile and wave.. just smile and wave.