We have popped our Cava, had our cupcake and now it feels so much better. The wind is slowly picking up and we have gybed and are aiming a bit south of Martinique now.

Yesterday we had sailed more than we had left on our GPS so we figured that we were somewhere in the middle. So we took our small Cava bottles and sat down in the sun. I sprayed Cava on Trusty and into the ocean and drank what was left of the small 30ml bottle. It wasn’t too bad but to be honest I’m not really a white wine person..

We saw a boat too yesterday, it was big, had a red spinnaker and competed in the ARC, they called us up on the VHF and they were happy about getting some wind too.

The moon is full right now and when the clouds part it’s almost as bright as daylight, we can sit outside and read or make shadowfigures in the moonlight witch make the nightwatches a bit easier. There have been nights without moonlight and with a heavy cloud coverage, those nights you’re in complete darkness, it’s like standing in room without windows.

But hey we’re getting closer! In (hopefully) less than two weeks we’re sipping rum in Martinique eating baguettes and trying to speak french..