Green Flash!

Some people wait in vain to catch the green flash at sunset and get irritated when they don’t succeed, now I’ll tell you how you can do it the other way around…

First, get a GPS that will tell you the sunset and sunrise on the position you are, go out 750 nautical miles west of the Azores, make sure there are no wind and almost no waves. Get up about an hour before dawn and have a cup of tea. Now comes the hard part, look at how tasteless the real world can be with more pink, purple and blue than an 80’s cartoon aimed at small girls. Now consult your GPS and make sure to know when the sun will rise (where is not hard to miss, it’s where the colours are really tasteless) and just wait. Now if you’re lucky you’ll start with the flash and thus your eyes won’t have the blotches that you usually got while staring into the setting sun. Now some will say that this is bullshit and that the green flash don’t exist, well it does, kind of.

It’s not the second morning with no wind and we’re steaming ahead doing steady 3 knots hoping for some kind of wind. We still have quite a lot of diesel left but not enough to get us all the way to Horta but we’ll see how far we get before having to start and row Trusty.
One good thing about this weather is that we can have our hatches open and ventilate Trusty so it’s a little bit less of an oven down below. The days go by fast but the hours slowly so we try to keep busy reading and listening to music. If there is a submarine down below, they’ll be bored of our playlist soon as we’ve been playing for the whole ocean to hear. If they surface to yell at us, I’ll ask them for some diesel and fresh meat.

What more then? Yesterday it rained for a couple of hours and I’m thankful for our hardtop now. With the radar on and looking out into the mist my rain exposure was minimal.

Let’s hope they still have warm showers in the marina in Horta!

N 35 13
W 043 41