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First real day working

Today we had our first real day spent working on Trusty.

Gray and cloudy

Morning started out cloudy and gray but we looked a bit at all the things inside that needed to be sorted out. The new saltwater pump was working fine and after a lunch at Korvans (a nice small burger and sausage kiosk, aka korvmoj) the rain stopped and we could go back and work again.

We’re moving our radar down a meter from where it used to be because we’re installing a AIS system, now we won’t need that long-range radar coverage and can focus on getting a better resolution closer to us.

Fixing the anchor windlass

Fixing the anchor windlass

We sorted out the new anchor windlass and its up and running, that will be our most useful piece of equipment on Trusty. Raising our anchor without sweat, tears and hard language will help saving the sanity of the crew 😉

Notice the sky color of the sky in the two pictures, it’s much easier working when the weather is more like the second picture and now we have started for real. All of a sudden the million things we were worried about just fell into place. All the work seem manageable and not that hard. Soon, soon we’re starting the real adventure.