Almost time for the next crossing.

Soon we will lift our anchor and set sails for a long sail again. The last crossing was quite straight forward, you just put up your sails and then roll in the waves until you see something on the horizon and then you’re done. This one will be a bit harder. We’re actually going to have to do something while out at sea. We’re going to head north, when we get about 300 NM out the weather will decide on what we do. Bermuda if we don’t get the right weather and if the weather is right we’ll start turning east towards the Azores.

What we end up doing we actually don’t know when we leave the Caribbean so we’re just going to stock up enough food for either possibility. Let’s hope that the decision making will be easy. We’re getting ready to leave Antigua now and head up to St Marteen/St Martin and stock up on food, fuel, water and candy.