2300 miles to go joho!

It’s still quite a sail to get over the Atlantic but the distance is slowly ticking down. We’ve been out on the sea since Saturday around 16 and are now getting used to never having a steady surface to put anything down. Just living and moving around in Trusty is quite a workout and cooking, going to the bathroom and reading take a bit of an effort too.

So what have we been up to then? Yesterday night a big cruise-ship (MSC Poesia) past us after sundown and it looked amazing with all the lights in the dark. We could see it lighting up the clouds at 25 NM out and it didn’t move in the waves, just tore away at 19 knots while we bobbed like a small little rubber ducky!
Anything else? Not much, the ocean shifts color with the sun. clouds and wind-strength and the sky (when we spot it between gray clouds) is as blue as ever.
Not to shabby place to be until your realize that you have 17-20 more days ahead of you.
But I wouldn’t trade it for the x-mass food season that you live with working in the restaurant business this time of year. /The rubberduckie crew.