The GPS just told me we only had 2000 NM left witch is kind of bad.. We should have passed that 2 days ago but hey thats life.
Our last entry was kind of a downer but that’s life sometimes but it’s getting better. Yesterday after I posted we had a cupcake to celebrate being out at sea for a whole week, that lifted our spirits. A cupcake bought at the local supermarket, full of E-numbers, bad sugar and fats and colorants but it was AMAZING!! Ones culinary preferences always tend to get a bit simpler out at sea, corned-beef, spam and tincan-ravioli is almost haute cusine right now.

Today we rigged our sail back into trade-wind mode (two spinnaker poles spreading them out wide) and now we’re aiming closer to Brazil than Cap Verde at least, now all we need is 35 degrees more to the north with our course and we’ll hit the sweet spot.

Oooh while writing this it went down to 1999…
I’ll catch you guys in a couple of days and then I hope I have some good news!