Daniel’s connection with Henley Reeves is actually tricky

Daniel’s connection with Henley Reeves is actually tricky

Henley Reeves

She is his secretary, however, left immediately following a conflict among them. When they very first spotted each other once more, Merritt believed which they were once again than couples and you can expected whenever they were no more a couple of, causing both to diving and you will deny the fact that. He later keeps Henley inside the arms whenever she had plummeted in the air throughout the a show and you can compliments on her losings off weight, recommending which he had kept her bridal-style a couple of times ahead of. At the conclusion of the first movie, he or she is viewed carrying hand while they diving into merry-go-round. From the 2nd fees, whenever Lula mentioned its lack of Henley in order to Daniel, the guy flinches and tightens the brand new rope he had been tying Lula having. This has been hinted numerous times that he misses their old assistant and you may pal about movie. Thought which he constantly wanted to get together again that have, Henley.

Merritt McKinney

Atlas is actually shown to has actually identified Merritt prior to fulfilling him. Merritt believes you to Atlas are a handling nut. On the a couple of instalments, they build an informal matchmaking, where Merritt pursue and you can respects J. Daniel Atlas and then he, inturn, respects him as an individual mentalist.

Jack Wilder

Daniel can be a bit out-of a teacher in order to Jack. Before they found, Jack know everything about Daniel and you will thought very very of your. Jack is a world a good superfan about very first half of the flick however, the guy later on put up an informal experience of J. Daniel Atlas. Even when regarding the 2nd movie, he was a little disturb by the Daniel’s lack of interest to the their other teammates adopting the Vision kept him impatient.

Dylan Rhodes

Daniel shows a particular arrogance on the Dylan believing that he is a simple cop who does maybe not know what is originating so you’re able to him. Appropriate training Dylan’s true identity, Daniel brings a certain envy on the Dylan seeing as he wants as the top out-of Horsemen. Shortly after Henley renders, Daniel believes Dylan should not be the brand new magician. His mistrust and you will frustrations builds to the stage where Daniel doesn’t believe in things Dylan says. But immediately after Dylan now offers himself abducted in order to save Daniel’s life and preserve the newest cards, Daniel’s advice towards old boyfriend-FBI agent flips a beneficial 180 and also the a couple of grow an impractical relationship. Overtime, they implies that they produce a father/son particularly matchmaking towards the end.

Lula Will get

Daniel will not seem to demonstrate that he will not for example the girl at the every. Regardless of if the guy do. Whether or not in the beginning, he could be quite harm because of the Lula replacing Henley, however, once the movie progresses, he slow finds out to help you regard the woman as Horseman also given that developing a friendly matchmaking.


Daniel is the Horseman which have even the extremely varied enjoy while the an effective magician; escapologist, and you may moderate regarding hand, and additionally cardistry. Though he can specialize in bigger illusions, of even more setup and you may unique consequences. Cannot seem to be competent in the mentalism, although not.

Jack and you can Dylan challenge and you will Dylan and you may Alma pursue Jack inside the a car or truck. Toward 59th Path Connection yet not, Jack’s vehicles actually starts to flip and it also catches flame. Jack is believed to help you perish regarding car, but Dylan seems to get files from the vehicles that tell you that for their third show, the fresh new Horsemen was getting money from an enthusiastic Elkorn safe during the Queens. Dylan and his awesome police find the safer had currently come went and you may try going in order to 5 Pointz, which is where the Horsemen is performing the last inform you. However, on inform you, it find out the items in the new secure ended up being replaced that have balloon pet.

It’s indicated that the brand new jet got never ever taken out of. Walter, Arthur, and you can Pursue was indeed tricked towards thinking they had removed from because the away from hosts that had luxy artificial flying regarding sky while the driver of one’s plane was replaced. Its criminal activities were transmitted to reside audiences international as they are detained. Dylan while the Four Horsemen head to Li’s magic collection. Thaddeus matches him or her and they every head into a secret chamber, which leads to a great spiral steps designed since Vision, as well as decrease.